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TUXG (pronounced tux-zee) Training is the training wing of The UX Group, an IT Company located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in India. We offer classroom and online training on Unix, Linux Basics, SysAdmin and Open Source software. Since 2006, we have proven ourselves with our training quality and depth of coverage, aimed at creating no-nonsense techies that would be an asset to any company.

We explain you the concepts as well as their application in the real world, thereby making things easier to comprehend and remember. Based on our training experience, we can confidently say that if one wants to learn Linux quickly, they have to understand the design principles of Unix operating system. In fact, this has been the secret to our training success!

Why do you want to join our training courses?

  • We have many years of industry experience on Unix, Linux administration, open source software and know what the industry needs.
  • Our training wing's motto is: Quality Training for All. We take our training delivery seriously.
  • We teach you what we know well, and what we love to teach only.
  • Our students can contact us anytime for technical assistance.









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Why Choose Us?

We have been successful in delivering quality training so far due to the fact that we are passsionate about and have command over the topics that we teach. Our students stand testimony to our training quality. We are located in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India.

We are the training wing of The UX Group, an IT Company.

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We offer them using appropriate online training tools.

That's so nice of them! Did you ask your friend whether s/he compared the training quality and depth of coverage also and took the industry experience of our trainers into consideration? If price is your only criterion for joining a course but not the training quality, please do not come to us.

The demand for good Linux SysAdmins and open source technologies is high in today's job market. So, with proper planning and mastering of these topics, you can get a job yourself. We try to assist you in whatever legal way we can. However, we do not guarantee you of any placements nor mislead you with catchy marketing phrases such as "100% placement assistance" (which is meaningless)!