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Shell scripting helps in automating repetitive commands in Unix/Linux. Bash is one of the popular shell scripting language.

Course Name: Bash Shell Scripting

Course Code: TUXG-581

Recommended For: Linux System Admins

Status: Launched

Duration: 21 days (2 hrs/day)

OS: Any Linux

Price: Rs. 4000/-

Course Contents:

Unit 1: Basic Unix Commands and Concepts

Unit 2: Introduction to Shell Scripting

Unit 3: Understanding the Shell Environment

Unit 4: Regular Expressions

Unit 5: sed - Stream Editor

Unit 6: awk Programs

Unit 7: Conditional Statements

Unit 8: Repetition Statements

Unit 9: I/O Redirection and Piping

Unit 10: Writing Interactive Scripts

Unit 11: Arrays

Unit 12: Functions

Unit 13: Signal Trapping

Unit 14: Tricks of the Trade

Unit 15: Writing Practical Scripts