We currently offer the following training tracks:

Linux Administration Track (Code: LA) consists of two courses: TUXG-111 and TUXG-183. Both these courses prepare a newbie become proficient in independently set up and manage Linux servers as a Linux Admin.

BSD Unix System Administration Track (Code: BSDSA) consists of TUXG-111 and TUXG-391 courses. BSD Unix is known for its security and stability since years. FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD and Mac OS X belong to this Unix flavor and are quite similar. We teach you FreeBSD in this track, which is quite commonly used as firewall or as a web hosting server.

LAMP Web Developer Track (Code: LWD) consists of TUXG-611 and TUXG-891 courses. Linux and Apache basics alongwith PHP and MySQL are covered in this track. These courses help the participant become proficient in LAMP stack and become a good LAMP-based web developer. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (or Perl or Python).

Our current track pricing (in INR) is as follows:

Track Name Lumpsum In two installments
LA Track 12,000 6,000 + 7,000
BSDSA Track 7,000 4,000 + 4,000
LWD Track 6,000 3,500 + 3,500