What is so unique about SAMIR Program?

SAMIR (SysAdmin Moulding for Industry Readiness) is the first of its kind in the SysAdmin World. It is our attempt to speed up the on-the-job training process by providing hands-on learning experience to our participants. If it takes less time to train you on-the-job and if you already know much of the stuff your employer needs, which company wouldn't want to hire you?!!

This program helps participants in the following ways:

  • Shaping one as a better Linux Admin by exposing them to work in an IT environment
  • Hands-on training on many Linux SysAdmin topics including the ones currently in demand
  • Enables one to work independently as a Linux Admin in a company with confidence
  • Brush up the softskills which are also necessary to get a job & perform better
  • Expediting the process of getting a Linux SysAdmin job faster.

Who can join?

The candidate needs to have minimum academic qualifications (at least a graduate in related field) and sysadmin aptitude so that we can mould them the right way. Candidates are shortlisted based on a test before accepting them into the program. We conduct only two batches per year & take only two participants per batch. And we take in both female and male candidates.

What is the duration of this program?

It takes 3 months for successful completion of this program. In exceptional cases, we may consider completing it in 2.5 months. At the end of the program, we conduct a final test and interview. Based on the performance, we issue participation certificates to candidates.

What is covered?

It starts with our Linux Admin (LA) Track in which Linux Basics and SysAdmin topics are covered, and proceeds to cover specialized Linux SysAdmin topics that are handpicked by us based on current job market trends and the candidate's interest in advanced SysAdmin topics. It also covers softskills training such as how to improve one's etiquette, personality, communication and interview skills.

Does it offer Job Guarantee?

It comes in both flavors - with or without job guarantee. We can provide job guarantee with our company, The UX Group, or with other companies in India that we know of. Our company is in regular need of dedicated and hard-working Linux Admins. So, if you are too good, we would love to hire you after the successful completion of this program (provided you are interested in working for us). We are working on getting our SAMIR Program more popular so that many companies understand its benefits.

How much does this program cost?

Current pricing for SAMIR Program is Rs.24,000 without job guarantee and Rs. 42,000 with job guarantee.

How and when do one get placed?

In case the participant has opted for job guarantee, we will ensure that they get placed soon after completion of this program or we offer a job in our company itself for one full year. We do not stop them from changing their job once they join us nor do we show them the door after one year. In case the candidate hasn't opted for job guarantee, we will still assist them with placements, though we cannot assure them a job. All we want is that candidates moulded by us be in the right track and settle in the right working environment soon.

Can fee be paid in installments?

Yes. You can pay it in three equal installments at the beginning of every month. No extra charges for paying in installments.

How is this program beneficial to a Company?

We consider this program to be worth 6-months of on-the-job experience of a Linux SysAdmin fresher. Candidates trained by us are sure to save company's training costs and can be deployed quickly on live projects. So company wins on both counts.

Where are your SAMIR Program participants now?

We have trained three SAMIR participants so far:

1. Mr Satish has set up his own IT business near Vizag.
2. Mr Mobeen is working in gulf region as SysAdmin.
3. Mr Giridhar has completed the program recently.